Guiltless Girl Scout Cookies

This time of year, the last thing I need is another cookie. So, when David Seiglie, our Compliance Officer and Boy Scout leader, mentioned that it was time to order Girl Scout cookies, I was able to contain my enthusiasm. But, at the end of his email he mentioned that they could be made guilt free! The Girl Scouts would arrange to send the cookies to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now that got my attention. If you have ever served in a combat zone you know how much those little treats from home mean. So, I ordered 100 boxes.

But, the story doesn’t end there. I mentioned the guilt free concept to a friend who immediately raised another $2000 at the men’s lunch table at his yacht club. That’s another 500 boxes!

Personally, I can’t think of anything that’s made me happier this holiday season.

I’m passing this on in the hopes that you might know a Girl Scout and might be inclined to a small show of support for our troops in harm’s way.

If there are no Girl Scouts in your neighborhood, here’s a link to their Cookie Page where you can get information about their Gift of Caring program.

Best Wishes for your Holiday Season,


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