What is your Investment Philosophy?

Our investment philosophy is based on rigorous academic research into market behavior and the sources of returns. We don’t make forecasts or attempt to predict market movements. Rather we manage risks in an attempt to provide an optimum outcome over time tailored to the individual needs or our clients.

Investors should take no more risk than they can afford and are emotionally able to bear. So, choosing the right level of risk is an important key to success. Once they have established the appropriate level of risk, it’s critical that they remain fully invested through the market cycles.

At every risk level, we work very hard to optimize performance and manage risks through broad diversification and exposure to those factors that generate returns.

Because equity markets can be volatile portfolios must be designed to weather occasional storms, provide sufficient liquidity to meet anticipated cash flow needs, and allow the investor to sleep well at night, while meeting the investor’s financial goals. The most efficient way to accomplish that is to divide the portfolio into two portions:

  • A safe portion which will provide for anticipated withdrawals for several years into the future, and temper the risk of the portfolio as a whole.
  • The risky portion will fluctuate in value as markets constantly adjust, but provides the opportunity for higher returns to hedge inflation and generate real growth.

Optimum portfolios can be devised for any individual investor’s unique situation by properly combining the two segments. That division should be driven by carefully considering the investment’s time horizon, cash flow needs and the investor’s risk tolerance.

  • Equities: True Global diversification with a distinct tilt toward smaller companies and value pricing, foreign and domestic real estate, and commodities futures.
  • Fixed Income: Short to medium term high quality, broadly diversified portfolios.

We execute our asset allocation plans using exclusively passive investments because we are unaware of any credible evidence which proves that the selection of individual securities or attempts to time the market do anything but add risk and cost while reliably reducing returns.

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