Financial Services are delivered in two parallel universes. There are salesmen and then there are advisors. They are regulated by two different agencies and held to two very different standards.

Salesmen at big brand name institutions are masquerading as advisors — But really only held to a low suitability standard. Anything short of blatant abuse is suitable and good enough. But, is it good enough for you? They work for the institution that hires them and seek to maximize their profit and commissions.

An Independent Registered Investment Advisor works directly for you and is held to the far higher fiduciary standard which always put your interest above his own, and recommends the best available product to meet your unique needs.

You can have advice or you can have professional objective advice. Choose.

As fee only Independent Registered Investment Advisors you always get our best objective professional advice. If good enough is not good enough for you and your family, you should call us, Investor Solutions.