Many of you have experienced personal life changes as a result of the pandemic. The markets and economy have been interesting and distracting. But, I want you to know that we are here for you, operating at peak efficiency, and ready to assist you in any way we can. Whether it’s estate planning, financial planning, retirement planning, tax planning, charitable planning, investment planning, or tax preparation, we are fully ready to help.

Of course, the health and safety of our people are a primary concern. But, our mission requires us to continue to provide outstanding and uninterrupted service to you and your families. And, in short, we haven’t missed a beat.

Because we have a long-standing contingency plan for natural and manmade disasters, we were prepared to operate remotely from almost any place on earth that has an internet connection. When you live and work in Miami you have to expect the occasional hurricane so we invested heavily in technology that could operate from virtually anywhere. We went paperless years ago, so even if the office were destroyed we wouldn’t lose a thing. Everything we need to provide continuous service resides on the cloud increasing security and redundancy. There is literally nothing that we do for you that can’t be instantaneously transferred to any remote location.

Today like most of our employees I am operating from home. But, unless you notice my parrot squawking in the background you would never know that I’m not in the office. Phones, email, trading, financial planning, portfolio management and reporting take place seamlessly, securely, and routinely just like before.

The biggest change you might notice is that instead of office meetings we have become whizzes at Skype, and Zoom, in addition to phone and email. With Acrobat (PDF) and DocuSign fewer “hard copy” documents are floating around making your information both more secure and instantly available. Zoom meetings require you to bring your own coffee, but otherwise it’s pretty much like visiting our office without the hassle of commuting.

Of course, as the pandemic runs its course and it’s safe to do so we will be looking to bring some or all of our advisors and staff back into the office. We will keep you advised as the situation evolves.

In summary, it’s business as usual in these somewhat unusual conditions. We are ready, willing and able to meet your financial needs for generations into the future. We are here for you providing steady guidance through these challenging times. That’s our mission and our pledge to you. Reach out to us whenever you think we can assist you.