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The Process
Investor Solutions | Good Move | Call Now: 1.800.508.8500 | Your goals. Your needs. Our mission

The Process

There are seven steps to becoming a client:

Getting To Know You

Investor Solutions understands that not all investors and investment managers are a good fit for each other. We want all our clients to feel comfortable with our company, advisors, services and investment philosophy prior to engaging us. In the getting to know you phase, you and one of our advisors will discuss your overall goals and objectives and how we can help you achieve them.

Data Gathering

The Data Gathering stage involves getting to know the details of your current portfolio, assets, retirement dates, children’s education, health and more. We do this via a Confidential Questionnaire for the purpose of developing an investment strategy that fits you best.

Proposal Stage

Once we receive and review your Confidential Questionnaire with all you financial information we will present you with an overall strategy that we believe will help you achieve your goals and long-term objectives.

Strategy Implementation

In the Strategy Implementation we will develop a tax and cost effective strategy to implement the new investment plan and will now send you an investment policy statement, a contract and the necessary account applications and transfer forms.

Account Set Up

All your accounts will be open at the custodian of your choice under your name. Investor Solutions does not custody client assets. We are only assigned to your account as the advisor with limited powers to trade and make changes with your prior approval.

We will prepare all paperwork necessary to open your accounts. We will keep you informed of the process and you will receive confirmations of any trades and/or changes directly from your custodian.

Account Transfers

Depending on the assets you held in your account(s) we will either liquidate some or all positions and then move them to your new account(s).

All account transfers will be done taking into consideration tax consequences and trading costs. You will receive confirmations of all account activity including any trades and transfers as they occur.

Account Monitoring

We will track your transfer(s) to ensure accuracy and will begin implementing the new investment plan by purchasing your new funds. Your account will be continuously monitored from this point forward to ensure that it remains on target with the desired asset allocation.