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Corporate Values & Mission
Investor Solutions | Good Move | Call Now: 1.800.508.8500 | Your goals. Your needs. Our mission

Corporate Mission

Investor Solutions, Inc. is committed to improving our clients’ financial security, assisting them in achieving their investment goals, and providing them with financial peace of mind.

As trusted financial advisors and completely independent, fee-only investment advisors, we have eliminated all conflicts of interest. Clients can rest assured that the investment advice we provide them is always in their best interest.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience in the application of leading edge modern financial research to generate highly effective, low cost, low risk, and low tax exposure investment strategies. This approach translates into the highest probability of a successful investment experience for them.

Investor Solutions, Inc. is a Center of Excellence in investment management servicing the investment needs of high net worth individuals, foundations, trusts and corporate pension plans worldwide.

Our company and its employees embrace the fiduciary ethic pledging to provide objective advice, professional competence and exceptional personalized service.

Corporate Values


Our staff shall exercise the highest standard of care in protecting and promoting the interests of our clients, and will provide a written disclosure containing any conflicts of interest that may compromise their impartiality or independence. As fiduciaries, we shall not accept any referral fees or compensation that is contingent upon the purchase or sale of any financial product.


All professional services shall be rendered with the highest level of integrity.


Our staff members shall provide advice that is objective and in the best interest of the client and without actual or perceived conflicts of interest.


Our staff members shall maintain the necessary knowledge and skills to provide our clients with competent advice and services.


All professional services shall be performed in a manner that is fair and reasonable to our clients.


All staff members shall maintain and safeguard all confidential client information in accordance with applicable laws.


Our staff members shall ensure the accuracy and completeness of records, information, and data collected, used and managed, and will take necessary steps to correct any discrepancies.


Our staff members shall comply fully with appropriate laws and internal regulations.


Our clients expect long term close personal relationships, confidentiality, individualized service, timely reporting and assistance with related financial concerns wherever they are in the world. With the technology of the internet, fax, phone and express overnight delivery, distance is no longer an impediment to close, personalized support. We are easily as accessible as an office down the street. Our clients like the customized personal attention we offer and so will you. A telephone call will always get you a real person, not an automated system. It is duty to promptly return all phone calls and e-mails.

By providing world class service we strengthen our client relationships. Our service is just one of the things that set us apart from other investment managers and institutions.


Our firm strives to make a difference in the community by volunteering our time and by donating 2% of our annual revenue to qualified charities and organizations.

Our 2007-2008 Charitable Contributions and Sponsorships included:


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