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Investor Solutions | Good Move | Call Now: 1.800.508.8500 | Your goals. Your needs. Our mission

Beginning a Good Move

Investor Solutions didn’t just happen. It’s been carefully constructed to provide our clients with what we believe will be the best possible investor experience. I’ve known since college that I wanted to help people use markets to reach their goals, but along the way several critical insights forged our investment policy and business model. To help you understand us a little better, I’d like to share some of these insights with you.

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How It All Began

Back in 1964, I was working in Washington, DC as a special delivery mailman, putting myself through college. On any given afternoon my route could take me from the White House to Embassy Row to some of the worst neighborhoods you could imagine. One experience, working in what can only be described as the slums, truly changed me and inspired me to become an investment advisor.

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The Eureka Moment

Long ago and far away, before Windows, before the Internet, and before Morningstar on disk, an almost young man was trying to decide what to do with the rest of his life. Things had gotten interesting. He had for years both flown for an airline and sold securities for a major broker dealer. But, his airline died an agonizing death simultaneously impoverishing almost all of his friends and current clients.

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Facing Turbulence

Market volatility is bound to make people nervous. There’s no question – it’s not fun. I know I’m surely not pretending to be having fun. But things must always be viewed from the right perspective.

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Who We Are

We at Investor Solutions set out to accomplish a clear goal. One that investors have called for since investing began. We aim to make the markets work for our clients, never the reverse. It’s part of the reason Investor Solutions is a fee-only registered investment advisor. Our modo: No commissions. No distractions. It’s simple, and that’s how we like it. Our clients pay an agreed upon fee for our services – we take nothing off the top.

What this means for you is that we are free to offer you unbiased opinions. Our bottom line is your bottom line. Your goals are our only goals. To further minimize distractions, we outsource as many non-core business functions as possible and fully disclose our fees and any financial arrangements we may have with third parties. This allows us to provide you with the personalized investment experience you deserve.

Founded in 1993 by industry-veteran Frank Armstrong, CFP, AIF, Investor Solutions has been committed to the same principles since its inception: professionalism, integrity, and service. Our highly qualified investment advisors hold advanced academic degrees, professional certifications, and years of experience assisting individual and institutional clients.

Your goals. Your needs. Our mission

Good Move

Setting the right course comes down to two things: 1. Reducing your risk while working steadily to reach your goals. 2. Protecting what you value most.

Identifying your good move.

Foresight – It is well known that diversification reduces risk while enhancing returns, but in today’s investment climate it can be difficult to choose the right path for you. The key is to spread the risk wide and move steadily towards your goal. Our global equity asset allocation is designed with that very principle in mind. We advocate the use of passive strategies further reducing risk, cost, and tax impact on your portfolio. By balancing your equity portfolio with a high quality short duration bond portfolio, we match your unique need for liquidity and risk tolerance. Our strategy is simple provide you the highest probability of success.

We protect what you value most.

Fiduciary – At Investor Solutions, we know that what you value most isn’t your investment – it’s all the things you can enrich, nurture, and do with that investment. Which is why you deserve an investment advisor who offers you full disclosure, complete transparency, and objective advice that always places your interests first. We acknowledge our fiduciary status in writing for every account. You should expect ad accept no less. It’s what separates an Independent Registered Investment Advisor from a salesman representing the interest of his employer.

The savvy investor knows that low expenses are strongly linked to higher returns over the long haul, and the total expense of your investments will compare favorably with many true no-load mutual funds.

Find the investor solution you need – make your good move.