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Investor Solutions Proudly Supports Best Buddies

Last night, Frank and his wife, Gabriele, hosted 36 Best Buddies for a sunset cruise around Biscayne Bay and the Port of Miami. Please consider supporting or volunteering to assist this great organization aiding our most challenged young people. Investor Solutions is a proud supporter of Best Buddies, the worlds largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic [...]

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Tax Magic For Professionals And Small Business Owners

It’s fourth quarter, which means it’s time to be thinking about what next year’s tax bill might look like. With itemized deductions for state and local  taxes and mortgage interest deductions pared, professionals and small business owners may be wondering if there are other legit ways to reduce the pain. Perhaps up to a an additional $250,000 pension deduction might [...]

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Tax Magic For Seniors: The QCD

Many seniors find that their newly severely restricted itemized deductions fall short of their personal deductions ($24,000 married filing jointly). So, their charitable contributions may be worth zero on their tax returns. That’s a little bit of a bummer even though the primary objective was to benefit the charity. Most of us have a soft spot in our hearts for [...]

Interest Rates and Stock Prices: The Relation Isn’t That Simple

It’s convenient to blame this week’s market tantrum on interest rates. Convenient, but simplistic. The more complete answer is that nobody knows what drives short term volatility. There are many possible explanations that don’t fit neatly into a two word sound bite. Any or all of them may have contributed to the turbulence. Interest rate changes by the Fed may [...]

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Retire Early With No IRS Penalties

So you want to retire early? Good for you. But, even if you have enough total funds to comfortably support yourself, some retirement plan assets may be locked away or awkward to access. But if you need them to support your life style here’s how to unlock them without penalty. By now, almost everyone is aware of the 10% penalty [...]

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