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Revocable Trusts: The Swiss Army Knife Of Financial Planning

Trusts are one of the most versatile items of the financial planning toolkit. But, they are not just for rich people. With the new higher estate tax exemptions avoiding or reducing estate tax is not a concern for most of us. But, there is so much more trusts can do to solve critical problems for most families. Trusts are a [...]

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Should You Freeze Your Credit? Probably!

You could wake up one day soon to find that a criminal had used your good credit and stolen identification information and to purchase themselves a new Jaguar, take out a mortgage on your home, or open up some credit cards and then max them out? We all know somebody that’s happened to. There have been so many data [...]

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Get Serious About Securing Your Data

If you are not paranoid about cyber security, identify theft, or fraud, you should be. Today’s hot news from the Washington Post: “Marriott discloses massive data breach affecting up to 500 million guests.  The hotel giant said an unauthorized party had accessed the reservations database for Starwood hotels, one of Marriott’s subsidiaries. The breach included names, email addresses, passport numbers [...]

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In Praise Of Foreign Markets

Recent returns for Americans holding foreign market investments have been underwhelming. But, it’s still a great idea to maintain a meaningful allocation to foreign markets. Compelling value Now is a perfect time to take advantage of the best relative valuations in 20 years. For a variety of reasons including strong dollar, and a later recovery than America from the unfortunate [...]

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