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Corporate Retirement Plan Sponsors
Investor Solutions | Good Move | Call Now: 1.800.508.8500 | Your goals. Your needs. Our mission


For Business Owners: Business owners want solutions that will increase their deferrals, attract, benefit and retain key people, and provide for a secure retirement for their employees.

For Plan Fiduciaries: Fiduciaries want safe harbor provisions that will reduce their own liability, advisors willing to assume fiduciary responsibility for design selection and monitoring the plan, a system to demonstrate compliance and install best practices, and assurance that they are providing a retirement plan in the best interests of their employees.

Human Resources: HR needs a plan that simplifies administration, interfaces with existing payroll systems, and reduces their workload through online enrollment, provides quality education for their employees along with 24/7 participant support from a dedicated call center.

Employees: Most plan participants don’t want to be investment managers. They want simple high quality investment choices that guide them into appropriate retirement plan solutions with the highest probability of providing a secure retirement. Our investment solutions provide wealth accumulation and wealth distribution strategies selected with a single click that are completely managed thereafter. Should they prefer a build their own solution, we provide a full complement of institutional index funds that span global markets.


As an employer and fiduciary for your retirement plan, you will want to insure that your participants receive a quality plan that is economical, effective, easily understood, and simply administered. Your HR department will appreciate simple online administration and reporting and your attorneys will applaud your reduced fiduciary liability. Finally, a well-designed plan improves the financial security of each of your employees allowing them to retire in dignity and comfort.


Investor Solutions is a thought leader in providing retirement plan services. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor with no financial links to any other provider they are in the perfect position to quarterback your plan’s design and implementation.

Investor Solutions principal, Frank Armstrong, is the author of four widely acclaimed books on investment theory and retirement planning. We bring this knowledge and experience to bear on your plans operation and design, working with you to meet the needs of participants, sponsors and fiduciaries.


The firm accepts ERISA Sect 3(38) fiduciary responsibility in writing to select, monitor and replace funds which relieves the plan trustees of much of their fiduciary liability. Because the firm utilizes only true no-load institutional class index funds and Exchange Traded Funds the chief complaints of plan litigation: overpriced funds, revenue sharing, underperformance, and disclosure are eliminated. Investor Solutions will assist each plan sponsor to set up and maintain procedures to establish a record of fiduciary compliance and excellence. Our fiduciary culture is our DNA. See our fiduciary pledge.


The nature of fee only compensation precludes conflicts of interests that taint the advice of brokerage houses, insurance companies and other pension providers with commission based or revenue sharing business models. To learn more about the value of conflict free advice click here.


Our sophisticated professionally designed target risk plans provide participants with suggested asset allocation solutions suitable for any stage of their career, greatly simplifying their task of making appropriate investment choices tailored to their unique needs.
Lower cost funds, better investment choices, and improved education all work together to provide your employees and participants with the quality plan they deserve. To learn more click here.

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