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Investment Management Services for Nonprofit Institutions

About Investor Solutions, Inc.

Investor Solutions, Inc. is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor registered with the United States Securities Exchange Commission, and individual states as required by law. The firm is domiciled in Coconut Grove, Florida and serves Individuals, Pension Plans, Endowment Funds, and Governments. The firm provides fiduciary investment management and currently exercises discretionary authority or advises on assets exceeding $600,000,000.

The firm is an ensemble of highly professional seasoned industry veterans. Our senior advisors have an average of over 10 year’s experience, advanced degrees and professional certifications.

Investor Solutions is an independent firm with no financial ties to any other product provider.

Investor Solutions is a fee-only advisor and receives no financial compensation from any other entity including product sponsors and custodians. Our compensation is fully disclosed and totally transparent.

Our independence and compensation structure eliminate the vast majority of potential conflicts of interest that might compromise the objectivity of our recommendations.

Investor Solutions is a co-fiduciary on every account. We acknowledge our fiduciary obligations in writing. Fiduciaries are held to far higher standards of prudence and loyalty than securities salesmen of broker-dealers. As Fiduciaries our recommendations are made solely in the best interests of our clients.

Investor Solutions utilizes the services of major discount broker-dealers to provide custody services. Accounts are held in the name of the client, and Investor Solutions exercises a limited power of attorney to trade for the benefit of the client.

Utilization of independent third party custodians introduces additional security and safeguards for our account holders. Custodians provide daily on line access and issue monthly account statements. Investor Solutions provides account statements and monthly performance reports on line which can be reconciled with the custodian statements.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is driven by academic research from major universities and the accumulated body of knowledge of financial markets which spans more than 50 years. The major tenants of modern financial theory are both elegant and easily communicated.


Investor Solutions provides the following services to trustees and board members: