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By: Investor Solutions

Solutions for Not For Profits

Independence – No financial affiliation with any broker dealer, custodian or fund family.
This allows us to select the best choices for your organization without any reservations.

Transparency – All affiliations are disclosed and verifiable. Client assets are held with
leading custodians in whom Investor Solutions has NO direct financial interest.

Clarity – Carefully crafted and communicated investment strategy coordinated with low-
cost, well-diversified implementation.

Fiduciary Services – Investor Solutions is a co-fiduciary on every account and
acknowledges this obligation in writing. Fiduciaries are held to far higher standards of
prudence and loyalty than securities salesmen at broker-dealers.

Risk Assessment – Model the risk-return profile of the portfolio to match the needs and
objectives of the fund.

Investment Policy Statement – Prepare a detailed investment policy statement (IPS) to
guide the trustees and advisors in the management of the fund.

Investment Selection – Select appropriate index mutual funds and Exchange Traded
Funds to economically capture the performance of the targeted market segment with the
lowest possible risk.

Account Monitoring – Monitor funds on an ongoing basis to ensure that they remain
the most competitive available considering alternatives with like characteristics and

Continuous Advice – Advise the board of additional opportunities to further diversify the
portfolio as new products become available.

Account Rebalancing – Rebalance the portfolio at least annually to maintain the agreed
upon asset allocation. (Scheduled distributions or deposits will be used whenever
possible to minimize transaction costs.)

Monthly Performance Reporting -Provide meaningful detailed monthly performance
reports via internet and quarterly reports in written format.

Communication – Hold quarterly teleconferences and meet annually at a place of the
board’s choosing to assist them to understand the performance of the fund and the
component parts, answer questions, and discuss strategy.

Cash Management – Manage cash available to fund all known withdrawals in a timely
manner. Consideration will be given to providing sufficient liquid assets to maintain the
ability of the fund to continue disbursements during down markets.
Custodian Selection – Select an appropriate custodian to safe keep
the fund’s assets.