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Investor Solutions is an independent fee only registered investment advisor based in Miami, Florida serving individuals, families, trusts, not for profits and corporate pension plans. Financial Advice & Wealth Management for Over 20 Years.

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When you can’t speak for yourself

By: Louis Feldman

The good news, people are living longer lives.  The bad news, people are living longer lives. As we live longer, what if an accident, illness or just the simple effects of aging made it impossible to manage your financial affairs?  Recently, I came across two different cases, the first being a retired single woman who lives on her own...

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Directing Your Exit

June 24 - 2016

**As seen on Forbes** Frank Armstrong, III Today you have an opportunity to direct your exit. You can write your life’s last act, but if you don’t a giant health care machine may give it an entirely different ending than you might prefer. You may not be the only actor on the stage. Given an opportunity the rest of th...

Prince Didn't Leave A Will!

June 17 - 2016

**As seen on Forbes** Frank Armstrong, III Prince is just the most recent of a long line of mega rich celebrities to die without a will. You just have to wonder where his advisors were. His empire was so large and complex that it’s going to cost many many millions to straighten it out. The estate is likely to stay open...

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