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Investor Solutions is an independent fee only registered investment advisor based in Miami, Florida serving individuals, families, trusts, not for profits and corporate pension plans. Financial Advice & Wealth Management for Over 20 Years.

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By: Frank Armstrong

Airplanes don’t fly around long without maintenance. That varies from a quick inspection every night to completely stripping the aircraft to the bones, inspecting and rebuilding. Keeping several million moving parts perfectly airworthy for a projected useful life of 50 years takes a little TLC. Parts wear out and must be replaced. Oth...

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Expect Turbulence

By: Frank Armstrong

Back in my other life I flew Airbus 300s for the departed Eastern Airlines. While they may appear to be arrogant and cocky, professional pilots have a great deal of concern about their passengers. They would willingly die to protect them. Keeping them safe, comfortable, happy and stress free is mission one! Turbulence is a fact ...

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Richard Thaler, A Giant In Economics Awarded The Nobel Prize

October 13 - 2017

Richard Thaler is one of the most important economists of our era. His work on behavioral economics reshaped economics and had far reaching implications for public policy which earned him the Nobel Prize in Economics last week. Economists traditionally assumed that each person made totally rational choices in pursuit of their ow...

Investor Solutions is contributing to Hurricane Harvey relief

August 31 - 2017

Investor Solutions is contributing $5000 to the Red Cross to assist victims of Hurricane Harvey. As a survivor of several hurricanes myself, I know firsthand how devastating a natural disaster can be. I was right on the edge of Category 5 Hurricane Andrew when it came ashore in Miami. It took billions of dollars and years to reb...

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