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Investor Solutions is an independent fee only registered investment advisor based in Miami, Florida serving individuals, families, trusts, not for profits and corporate pension plans. Financial Advice & Wealth Management for Over 20 Years.

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Why Manage Risk?

By: Frank Armstrong

By focusing on rate of return and ignoring risk, investors may actually torpedo themselves.  High-risk strategies, even those that have high returns, may actually decrease the chance of an investor having a successful experience.  Within a wide band investors may be far better served to focus on managing risk than stretching for addit...

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Zombie Pension Accounts

March 20 - 2017

When employees change jobs they often leave their pension accounts behind at their old employer. Reasons include inertia and lack of knowledge about the options available to them. In too many cases these pension accounts become orphans and later zombies. On your way out the door it’s all too easy to leave the pension decision ...

DOL Fiduciary Regulations For IRAs In Limbo. Sad!

March 16 - 2017

If there was ever an industry that cried out for more regulation rather than less, it’s the investment advice industry. But, a new administration that never met a regulation it liked, and whose world view considers them all equally evil set out to deregulate the universe. So, after years of false starts and delays, the Departm...

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