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Investor Solutions is an independent fee only registered investment advisor based in Miami, Florida serving individuals, families, trusts, not for profits and corporate pension plans. Financial Advice & Wealth Management for Over 20 Years.

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You Can Experience The Joys Of Consolidation

By: Frank Armstrong

The Problem It’s not unusual for financial planners to see new clients with six to ten or more financial accounts scattered across as many institutions. That would include zombie accounts in 401(k)s of past employers, various IRAs, trust accounts, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, fixed and variable annuities,...

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Protect Yourself Against Diminished Capacity

By: Frank Armstrong

The good news is that we are living longer. The not so good news is that more than just a few of us will experience a period where we cannot take care of ourselves. Even worse, we can’t know when or if that might happen to us. Even young and very healthy people may become suddenly incapacitated. Or, very old people may never h...

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Investor Solutions Supports Marshall Islands Red Cross

July 11 - 2018

Investor Solutions has had a long relationship with the people and institutions of the Marshall Islands, a sovereign nation in the middle of the Pacific. So we jumped on a chance to give back by sponsoring a much needed event for their new Red Cross organization. Our sponsorship covers First Aid Training for 100 Marshallese youth and provi...


March 01 - 2018

As we crank up for tax season, we remind our clients and friends to be on the lookout for an array of evolving tax scams related to identity theft and refund fraud.  Every tax season I hear of past clients, friends, and colleagues receiving scary fake IRS calls.  Only a few months ago, I too received one of these calls. If you...

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